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Why Does my Dog Stare at Me?

Dogs always seem to get caught staring at their owners, time and time again. It might be to communicate and maybe also to understand us better. But sometimes, dogs seem to have an ulterior motive, which could be getting extra treats after dinner time, more attention or even a stroll around the park. Even though this behavior of staring at owners is not disrespectful or needs to be corrected, it can be used very effectively for the personality development of your dog through the right training and sports activities.

Why Is My Dog Staring at Me

A lot of new pet owners feel intimated when they see their dog staring at them excessively. Many owners start to wonder exactly why their dogs exhibits such behavior. However, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. Dogs have their own reasons for staring at humans, but we can deduce that they are either trying to communicate with us, seek more attention or are waiting for us to engage with them. By observing your dog, you can sometimes determine what your dog wants, however, this is still a very confusing way to communicate and it will never be 100% clear to us what they want.

Dogs are Intuitive Creatures

It’s no joke when they say that a dog’s a man’s best friend. Dogs seem to be very attentive and loving animals and are much more in tune with a human’s emotion than many other animals. This is why staring at their owner can be classified as observant behavior, as they are trying to read what is going on with their owner. They are basically trying to piece together what we are feeling emotionally, and gather clues about what’s about to happen soon. That is why they are so quick to pick up our pointing motions and gestures.

Therefore, it can be said that their staring is to gain more information about their owners, their actions and the environment in which they live in. As dogs are highly affectionate towards their owners, it can be assumed that they stare at humans to know when something that’s going to affect them is going to occur. A prime example of this would be when you pick up your dog’s leash, your dog already knows that it means that you’re going to take them out on a walk. This behavior is repeated in different scenario cases as well, i.e. playtime, car rides, and dinner times.

Obeying Orders

Dogs are one of the few animals that can be trained to follow instructions, as they can often follow the deliberate commands of their owners. They can be disciplined and can learn a great deal of tricks as well such as how to sit, rollover etc. Training your dog using positive reinforcement techniques can help you in the long run as well, as they will be quick to obey orders and will keep an eye out for any signals from you. This could mean that your dog will stare at you more often. However, having those cute puppy eyes on you is always a plus point. It will make you feel needed and wanted, as to the puppy you are their entire world.

Dogs Express Emotions Through Staring at Their Owners

Now this might be a bit tricky to understand, as pups especially try to show their owners their feelings through eye contact. While eye contact for some untrained or strange dogs might be a threat or something to be alarmed about, this is seldom the case with trained house dogs. The lesson here would be to never get into a staring contest with a strange dog. This kind of behavior might even erupt in your own dog if they see their prized possession, whether it be a beloved bone or a valued treat, being taken away. If you see that this intense staring is followed by aggressive behavior, try to contact a behavior specialist for dogs.

But most often than not, this intense staring is just a way of them expressing their love and affection. Just like humans tend to do the same to the people they love and adore, dogs seem to replicate this behavior in showing just how special we are to them. By giving a positive response to their stares, you will be able to build a powerful bond with your dog very early on.

Now you know that this staring behavior of your dog is a mix between love and attention, so don’t be uncomfortable. Your dog just probably likes how you do certain tasks or just shows you that they want to be around you. If your dog is exhibiting this behavior, then make sure to use it to your full advantage and give them the attention they deserve.

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