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Why Does My Cat Follow Me?

I think that a lot of us will agree that cats are beautiful animals that deserve love and attention. These creatures are highly sophisticated, intelligent and can, on most occasions, be loving towards their owners. Even though cats have seemed to earn the reputation of being unaffectionate, they can be extremely possessive at times.

Is My Cat Following Me Around, Normal?

One of the most asked questions around cats seems to be, “Why does my cat follow me?” There can be a few reasons for this behavior. Your cat might be following you around because it might have learned to stay near you from its early kitten years. However, even if your cat follows you around, don’t be mistaken. Cats are highly independent creatures, and they like their time alone just as much as you do. Young kittens tend to look up to their mothers and pick up their habits. They learn about life in their early years through their mothers just like us humans do.

A kitten will often be quick to learn the ways of the world by trailing its mother around. They do this because the act of being around their mother gives them a sense of comfort, safety, and affection. These feelings are then transferred to the human when we adopt a cat. Once you adopt a cat, most people will show affection and love in the form of petting, cuddling and so forth. This act of care will most often help to form a bond between the cat and yourself. It can even be said that a cat might start to associate you with a motherly figure as well. However, this is not the only reason your cat is following you around.

Some cats are born curious, hence the expression “curious cat”, and want to keep tabs on their owners and their activities. On the other hand, some cats just enjoy hanging out with their owners and want to be included in every task that they do. This kind of love from a cat will often make you feel warm and content inside. However, this behavior could also have its down sides, as a cat might suffer some level of distress if it’s ever separated from its owners for long periods of time.

Is My Cat Showing Me Affection?

This question is also a popular one amongst new cat owners as they tend to believe that their cat is showing them affection by trailing them around the house. It may seem like a great feat to be seen as someone’s favorite person, as all your cat wants to do is be around you no matter what you’re doing. This can be a heartwarming experience. However, you need to make sure some other causes don’t trigger this behavior.

Reasons such as you being away from home a lot might trigger your cat into missing you. This could cause your cat to act extra clingy whenever it sees you. Your cat might try to get you to play with them or start a petting session. Cats do care for their owners and should not always be seen in such a negative light. They also have personalities, just like other animals and humans. On average, cats show just as much affection as dogs, if not more.

How to Respond to These Behaviors

You should observe and return affection to your cats when they start following you around. However, you should return the love in a way that your cat will appreciate. Reciprocating behaviors will depend on your cat’s temperament. If your cat enjoys one on one interaction, then show them love that way. But if your cat doesn’t need undivided attention and just wants to be around, you can let them stick around and pet them occasionally, showing them that their presence is appreciated.

We should all learn to appreciate these kinds of affectionate gestures from our furry little friends, and give the same back to them.

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