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Why do Dogs Sleep so Much?

It may seem to many people that the life of a dog is full of relaxation and fun. After all, all they do is wake up, eat, run around, do their “business”, rest some more, eat supper, and then go back to bed for a good night’s sleep. Now that does seem like a lot of time spent just sleeping, and as a matter of fact, this is true and normal. Let us dive in to find out some more details related to your dog’s sleeping patterns.

How Many Hours Does a Dog Sleep?

Dogs are animals. They do not have anything planned out for any given day, nor do they need to make a living like us humans. They are almost completely stress free and rely on us to not only feed them, but also to take care of them. That is why they sleep about half a day or 12 hours on average, and yes, they do sleep a lot more than the average human. The amount of hours a dog sleeps can differ based on age, state of health etc. One thing is for sure though, if they feel tired or bored, they will often just lay down and doze off.

Why do Dogs Sleep so Much?

As briefly mentioned above, dogs can sleep for approximately 12 hours a day, but this number can differ based on age and the state of health your dog is in. They often further spend another portion of their daytime just resting and observing things around them. To top this off, they usually only stay properly active for another smaller portion of the day. It is quite obvious that dogs do not have much to do, which often leaves them with the only option of sleeping, and for them, it can be a great way of passing time.

It is not that every dog sleeps for 12 hours a day. It can vary according to breed, age, and health. Young puppies, older dogs, and large breed dogs will spend more of their time sleeping. While working dogs, small breed dogs, and middle aged dogs can often sleep a lot less.

It makes perfect sense really. Young puppies love to run around and end up burning up all their energy doing so. They fall asleep almost instantly and often do not wake up until they are fully recovered. The same goes for large and older dogs. They require more energy to keep up, which means they require more sleep to build up that energy.

Another important factor to consider and notice, is that sick or unhealthy dogs could sleep more than regular healthy dogs as well. They will not feel like getting up, moving around too much, or doing anything else in particular. You should always monitor their sleeping habits just in case, and take them to the vet immediately if you do notice a change in their sleeping pattern.

You Still Need to Keep Them Active

Letting your dog sleep away their life is often not the best option. If you genuinely care about them, you should try to keep them active during the day as much as you can. That will help them stay healthy, at their ideal weight , and will also help them to continue serving you as a funny and reliable companion. They often already spend so much time without your presence, considering the time that most of us spend at the office, school, and sleeping at night.

A good way to help keep your dog busy indoors is to give them puzzles. Dogs are easily confused and intrigued with solving a puzzle. You can often find simple, intriguing, and confusing toy puzzles which will grab your dog’s attention, at your local pet store.

Another great habit that you can create for yourself and your dog is to visit the park a few days during the week. There, they can not only socialize with other dogs, but can also run around, play fetch with you, and jog with you on a regular basis. This will ensure that your dog gets regular exercise, which will in turn help them maintain their weight.

Give Them Love

You might not find anything wrong with your dog if they sleep for such long stretches, but overtime, its possible that you might get bored or feel that your dog is not as fun as they used to be. That is why you need to make sure your dog is not only in good shape and good health, but also active enough to keep you occupied. They will forever be loyal to you and keep you entertained, but only if you give them the right amount of time and attention they require.

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