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Why do Cats Like Soft Blankets?

If you have a cat at home, you probably have noticed some of their odd yet entirely cute behaviors. One of which is cuddling up close to a blanket on the bed or some soft rug in front of the couch. Cats do seem to prefer these things, and they often prefer blankets on the softer side, such as blankets made from fleece. Cats love to cuddle with something soft and comfortable underneath them, but then again who wouldn’t? It seems almost natural that they have this tendency for blankets.

Why do Cats Prefer Softer Blankets?

Blankets, especially the softer ones, provide your feline with a sense of coziness, security, and warmth. As cats are big on texture, they have shown more liking to the softer side of the texture range, and are thus attracted to blankets that are decent sized but made of a softer material.

The soft texture of the blankets just makes your cat cuddle up close to you, as it quite possibly reminds them of being young and snuggling close to their mothers. In a way, it reminds them of their younger days. Therefore, it would be an understatement to say that cats only like blankets. They seem to show an immense sense of love for them. If you want to test this theory out, give your cat a soft and small blanket and you will never be able to separate the two again!

What Types of Blankets do Cats Like?

Now we can’t vouch for every cat out there, but cats on average, seem to prefer softer blankets. So if you’re thinking of getting your cat a blanket, consider getting them a blanket of the following material:

● Fleece Blankets
● Furry/Fuzzy Blankets
● Knitted Blankets
● An old comfortable sweater made with soft, warm material maybe?

To cats, blankets might not entirely serve the same purpose they serve us with (to keep warm). To them, in addition to providing comfort for sleep, it can also be seen as a play toy, so you might see them biting away or kneading on it. They will of course still use it to sleep on, as cats like to be burrowed away in their blankets so that they are comforted and protected from all sides. So if you don’t want to splurge on fleece blankets, consider getting them any kind of fuzzy, warm and soft fabrics that might be lying around the house. This could even be your freshly washed soft towels, but your cat will often see them no less like a blanket.

Now don’t go rushing to get them a blanket just yet! Choosing a blanket for your cat depends on a variety of things, especially the season. If it is currently winter, getting a fleece blanket during the cold months would no doubt help to keep them warm, and quite possibly even help with your cat’s mood. However, during the summer months this might be too hot to play and cuddle around in. You could consider getting them a towel to lounge around in during those warm summer months. It might help them stay cool and comfortable, while still maintaining that sense of being protected all at the same time.

What Size Blanket Should You Buy?

Cats differ in terms of their desires, but many seem hesitant to opt for larger blankets. Unless your human sized blanket or comforter is drenched with your scent, your cat might not seem to find it appealing and might even avoid it. Therefore, if you’re considering getting them a blanket of their very own, be sure to see which size suits them. It would be a good idea to start small and then move on to slightly larger blankets once your cat grows. Keep a close watch on whether your cat interacts with the blanket or not. If they don’t, it might be a time for a change.

Why Do Cats Knead Blankets?

This again derives from their childhood as cats always seem to knead their mother while they suckle to get milk. This interaction between the kittens and their mothers can stay with them for a very long time and can even carry on into adulthood. Therefore, once cats have a blanket that gives them the same feelings and emotions as the feelings they once had from their mother, they will always seem to exhibit the same behavior, i.e., kneading on the blanket.

So let’s just do a quick recap of why cats like soft blankets and why you should consider getting your cat one! The most important reason of all would be that it would make your cat feel more protected, provide them with comfort and help them to get a more restful sleep. Therefore, considering all the factors discussed in this article, there is no reason not to get your feline a comfortable blanket of their own!

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