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How to Tell if Your Cat is Bored

If you own a cat, then you will know that even though cats spend a large portion of their day napping, they can often get bored.

Cats rarely express their boredom openly to us. However, as an owner, you can look for a few different signs in their daily behaviors to check if they are bored or not. Most of the time a cat will go about its life without signalling to its owner that it is bored, but sometimes it will give you signs. These may include harmless actions such as sitting around all day and licking itself, to more annoying situations where it might lash out.

Animals are unpredictable and their emotional responses can often be strange. This makes it difficult for owners to tell if their cat is bored or not. But don’t worry, there are ways to tell if your cat is bored or not.

The Satisfied Cat

A cat that is satisfied with its daily routine will usually not get bored. It might lash out if its daily routine is disturbed by its owner.

A cat can have a steady routine, but this does not mean that there should not be any new activities introduced from time to time. Your cat should also be allowed to interact with other animals. When outside, a cat usually explores the surroundings near its owner instead of just sitting in one place. They are an interactive species, meaning they like discovering new things.

The Boring Life

There are certain behavior signals that can help owners determine whether or not their cat is bored. If a cat’s routine remains the same, then it could cause boredom. Let’s take a look at some signals that could indicate the possibility of your cat being bored.

Aggressive Behaviors

Interaction with animals – If your cat is not interacting with other animals, then it could possibly be a sign of boredom. Although, if your cat interacts with other animals but in a hostile way, then this also could indicate boredom. For example, your cat might start fighting with other cats in the house, or messing with other animals. A cat would otherwise normally have healthy interactions with other animals. If your cat shows any similar behavior, then you should make an effort to improve its social interaction skills.

Lashing out – Sometimes your cat will not stay quiet in its opinion of how you treat it. It may take physical actions to provoke you into making its life less boring. This may include your cat ruining your curtains by climbing them, playing with random household items such as tissue papers, and it may also just playfully attack you out of boredom.

Non Aggressive Behaviors

Moping around – The most common sign of boredom in a cat is when it just sits around doing nothing. It will sleep, eat, drink, and repeat this process. It is okay for a cat to have a set routine, but there should be regular deviance’s from the set routine to keep your cat more active and not bored.

Curious cats – Cats enjoy napping, that is just their nature. However, there are other signs in your cat’s behavior that can indicate its boredom, such as a lack of curiosity. A cat is an animal, and animals are inherently curious about their surroundings. If you make any drastic changes to your living space and the cat does not walk around to explore or investigate the new surroundings, then your cat may very well be bored.

Eating habits – You can tell that your cat is bored if it starts eating more and more food every day. If your cat sleeps all the time, then usually the only exciting thing it can do from its perspective is to eat more. This behavior is extremely undesirable since it may lead to the cat eventually becoming overweight. If the situation is reversed and your cat is not interested in food, then it may become underweight after some time. If this behavior continues after changing its routine, then consult a veterinarian.

These are some helpful pointers that can help you determine if your cat is bored.

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