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How to Make Your House Dog Friendly

Being pet or dog owners, we all enjoy having them around, which includes taking care of them and keeping them happy. We have all learned that it is not an easy job through experience, yet we opt to do it, because keeping our dogs happy keeps us happy. That is exactly why you should invest in keeping your house as dog friendly as possible.

Let us give you some helpful pointers on how you can make your house dog friendly.

Their Bed, Their Space!

You can start off by giving them their own space. Start this process by choosing a location to put their bed that suits them the best. This will help your dog feel that they are a part of the family. Whenever they are tired, upset or feel glum, they can go back to their bed to rest. Try your best to ensure that they are aware of the location of their bed, so they can go whenever they please.

Keep in mind that this space needs to be away from all the household “traffic”. By traffic, we mean you and your family passing through that area constantly. It could be in the basement, near the washing area, under a safe shelter or near the guest bedroom for example. It’s recommended to put their bed in a place where they are least likely to get interrupted when they sleep and rest. Additionally, make sure that the bed is comfortable, nice, and that it is liked by your dog.

Your Flooring

As a dog owner and a pet lover, you need to think of the long term. You could possibly install hard flooring, especially in the main area or the ground floor, where your dog will spend most of their time. Dogs run around the house a lot, and sometimes a good way to help them stay clean and feel natural is to have hard floors.

Keep in mind that wooden flooring might be prone to scratches if your dog’s nails are not trimmed regularly. Tiles are also a great option because they cannot be scratched and remain cool during the summer heat, helping your dog feel cool when they lay down to relax. In many situations, carpeting may not be the best option. The reason for this is that it can often tend to become the source of bacteria and germs that accumulate over time, which could lead to allergies.

Once you get the hang of keeping your floors nice and clean, everyone will be happy.

Scratch and Break Proof

I mentioned earlier how dogs love to run around. It is in their nature and you cannot do anything about that. This running around could lead to things breaking, falling, huge messes, and a lot of unnecessary cleaning, which could have been avoided.

You should try to keep valuable things like your vases and other important objects at high places that your dog cannot reach. If you have other decoration pieces, then you should do the same with them. You might also want to reduce the amount of furniture that is available for your dog to sit on or jump off. That will prevent damages, save time & also money.

Other general tasks that you can perform to improve the safety of your home for your dog is simply to clean up after using any potentially dangerous materials, tools etc. Just make sure you put everything back to where it belongs, or you could find your dog playing with a box of tools or newspaper collection when you get back home.

It is also recommended to take your dog jogging or to the dog park to tire them out, which could also help to prevent them from running around the house and causing havoc. You’ll find that sometimes after a good walk or run, all they want to do is drink some water and then rest.

Keep Your House Clean

Simply put, try to keep your house, apartment, or condo as clean as possible if you have a dog.

You might have a dog that is from a breed that sheds a lot of hair, and frequently. In this case, a good vacuum cleaner for all sorts of surfaces can help you clean up hair on the floor and other similar messes. You can even invest in smaller vacuum cleaners which are wireless, and can be put on charge in their dock once you have used them.

If your dog is new, you can try to follow them around discreetly to know where they do their private business. At times, you might even miss that they are not doing their “business” in the designated area. If you are unaware of these types of things, you could often have a smelly problem that could be there for days. So, make sure you keep an eye out.

So, while it can be a fairly simple thing to get a dog, preparation is also necessary. At first, it might be a hassle, but you will eventually get used to it, and things get better over time once you see and feel the happiness that your furry friend brings you.

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