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How to Get a Cat to Like You

Cats are not only mysterious in nature, but are also often very suspicious of people and newcomers in general. Because of this, people often have to work hard in order to earn the love and respect of a cat. Most of the time, all we ever want to do is cuddle or play with them, but sometimes they tend to hide away to avoid this.

Sometimes, it is not people that cats have a problem with, but rather just a person’s behavior that might put them off. Cats have very strong likes and dislikes with regards to people’s behaviors! To help you figure out how to get a cat to like you, let us talk about some of the most effective ways.

Control Your Body Language

Until recently, we used to think that cats could not feel or sense human emotions like dogs usually do. Cats are often able to pick up on emotions and gestures. Our emotions usually effect our body language, and that is why it is important that we have more control over our body language when we are around our cats.

Their instincts usually recognize fear a lot faster than other emotions. Cats usually run off, hide, or go to their owner, when they feel threatened by other animals or people. That is why you need to focus on providing a safe and secure environment when getting acquainted with a cat.

It is also recommended that you avoid too much direct eye contact, and avoid showing any sort of aggressiveness towards your cat. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to play a little bit of “hard to get”. That means you should give your cat a few glances, but nothing else. Cats often come to you when they see how relaxed and ignorant you are of their presence.

Let the Cat Come to You

As we touched on above, sometimes when you give less attention to your cat, the more they will want it. It may seem a bit difficult for most cat lovers, because they just want to go and pet them or give them a nice big hug. Try casual behavior, like just doing your work at a desk, sitting on a couch, or walking in through the door with a calm and relaxed posture. You can give them a smile or a light wave, and then get on with your tasks at hand.

There is another common technique that you could also try. That is to crouch down to the cat so they feel less intimidated. You then hold out your index finger, and they will usually approach you and sniff it if they feel comfortable. On the other hand, if they don’t trust you, they will most probably either walk away or steer their face in another direction. Just remember, you need to maintain a calm and friendly environment.

Spend Time Playing With Them

Think of your daily schedule. You depart for school or work in the morning and come back home after a good couple of hours. Add that to the hours you spend sleeping along with the chores and work you must do at home. That ends up leaving you with barely a few hours for leisure. Your cat will notice that you are busy and occupied, and you often end up giving a very limited amount of time to your pet.

As a cat owner, you should try to spend time with your cat. They actually love interacting and playing with a human most of the time, preferably someone they know. This playtime can often help them grow more attached to you. Not only are you entertaining yourself and your cat, but you are also helping the cat consume energy. That will help to keep your cat healthy and satisfied at the same time.

Focus on What They Like and Don’t Like

We all have different personalities. After all, that is how we make friends and maintain relationships. Cats have personalities too, and you need to be mindful of your cat’s personality, likes, and dislikes. Of course, a cat will not just come and tell you their preferences. You will have to put in the time and get to know your cat through trial and error.

Most cats love to get scratched around the ears and neck. You can start with that with your new cat, and then move towards other things. For example, some cats love to get brushed down while some love to play games with string etc. If they are unhappy with something that you did, you will notice their dislike fairly quickly. Take note of that particular dislike for future reference and make sure that you do not do that again.

Closing Thoughts

Once you are aware of your cat’s behavior, personality, likes, and dislikes, it will become easier for you to know how to act in front of your cat. As time progresses, they will get used to your behavior as well. Just make sure to be friendly, welcoming, and patient. Give cats the time they need to build their trust with you, and they will end up liking you.

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