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How to Build a Bond With Your Dog

Having any pet is very exciting, but having a dog, in particular, is a special treat. We all want our relationship with our dog to start on a good note. However, like any other relationship, it takes time and patience to establish a secure relationship on a strong footing. You will need to be consistent and regular in your habits. Here, we will be discussing the habits you should adopt to form a bond with your dog.

Be Patient

To bond well with your dog, you will often have to develop patience. The process of getting your dog familiar with you will take some time, and the duration will vary depending on the dog. For a few, it’s overnight, and for others it could possibly take a little longer. Each dog is special and has a unique personality, and some dogs will take longer to open up than others. As such, give your new furry friend the time they need, in order to make it through the adjustment period.

If your new dog isn’t opening up right away, do not worry about it. They are in a brand new place, and are experiencing a completely new environment. This can be a stressful time for them, but all you can do is make sure you go at a slow pace and keep things light and positive.

Forming a Routine

Just like humans, dogs too love a routine! Routine is something familiar and it gives the dogs comfort. They will know what is expected of them at a certain time. Your dog will strive for routine and the sooner you get a basic routine set, the more at home they will feel. Ways to help your new dog adjust to a new atmosphere include:

  • Feeding them at a designated time
  • Going for a walk at the same time daily
  • Making a proper sleep time routine
  • Going out for potty breaks consistently

In addition to this, you should try to include exercise time, some cuddling time, and any other fun games or activities that your dog will enjoy. Many owners wish to spend as much time as possible with their new friends, and while that is understandable, try to continue with some of your regular activities so that it is not difficult for the dog to adjust to changing routines.

Giving Personal Space

Nobody wants to be around other people all the time, and the same goes for your dog. This doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t love you! It’s scary being in a new atmosphere filled with new faces. Some dogs will feel overwhelmed in the first few days, and while you must show love and affection, you must also give them a private place where they feel safe. Get them a comfy bed, crate, or whatever they prefer. This will show your dog that you love them and want to do everything to make sure they are comfortable.


The quickest and easiest way to bond with your dog is to have lots of playtime! That being said, some dogs will be up and ready to play the instant they step foot into the house, while others might have a different attitude. If your dog is feeling a little under the weather and doesn’t wish to play, let them have their space, and try again later at a better time.

However, if your dog is ready to play, a great game to play with your dog is ‘fetch’. Just roll a ball around and see if it excites the dog. If the dog is into the play, go ahead and continue the game. However, if they aren’t excited about the game, there is a list of other games to choose from:

  • Frisbee
  • Tug of war
  • Playing with dog toys
  • Running games
  • Tag

Playing games will strengthen your bond with your dog and show them that you are a friend. Try playing with your dog as much as you can. Physical activities are essential in maintaining your health and your dog’s health. Unless you keep them active, your dog might start showing signs of lethargy and become disinterested in doing anything.

Just Talk to Your Dog!

Taking care of a dog is quite similar to caring for a baby. Bonds with your dog can also be created by simply talking to them. Everyone needs to de-stress, even your dog. As such, reading aloud or talking will not only assist you in bonding with your dog, but it will also help you both relax. Hopefully the above mentioned techniques and tips will help you form a closer bond with your dog.

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