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How often Should You Walk Your Dog?

One of the best bonding activities that people and their friends (including their pets) can engage in, is walking together. Pets, especially dogs, love this activity! Ever noticed your dog woofing in excitement and jumping up at its leash in the hallway, whenever it hears you coming downstairs with your joggers on? You’ll often get that look of excitement as your dog thinks its about to be taken for an exciting walk in the fresh outdoors!

When it comes to walking your dog, walk times can vary based on your own preferences and also what your dog is able to cope with. Some say at least 30 minutes every day while others can walk their dogs for longer or even shorter periods. Remember that dogs are not that different from humans. They, too, even more so, enjoy a stroll in the park among the trees and bushes. Exercising also keeps them healthy and happy which is of course very important. They can also be much more sociable after they have had their share of walking and enjoying the outdoors. Taking your dog for a walk can also be very meaningful, to help further develop and improve the bond between your dog and you, its owner.

So keep in mind that the amount of walking that your dog can do will depend upon a number of different factors. These factors include your dog’s size, breed, age, and any possible health conditions that it may have.

Here are some basic guides on how long and often you could walk your dog, based upon its size.

Walking Guide for Small Sized Dogs

Most small dogs are generally quite active, so when it comes to walking, they could be taken on a walk regularly to maintain their optimal health.

A walk between 20 and 30 minutes per day could be a fair amount for small sized dogs. This walk time could be equally divided between two walks of 15 minutes per day or even a single walk, at a time of day most convenient to you and your dog.

If your dog has any kind of medical or health issues then you should take this into consideration when determining how long you walk your dog for. Consulting a veterinarian on this matter may also be a good option to ensure that your dog does not get overworked when it comes to giving it exercise in the form of walks.

Walking Guide for Medium and Large Sized Dogs

Medium and large sized dogs, in general, often range from lazy, couch loving doggo’s to active dogs that like to go for walks. In general, medium and larger sized dogs could be walked for up to 30 to 60 minutes per day, but this can vary of course. Once again, you as a pet owner should be familiar with your dog, and can determine the best times to walk your dog as well as the amount of time that is appropriate for your furry friend. Not every medium to large sized dog is the same in terms of health, so such factors need to be considered to prevent any possible over exhaustion of your dog when it comes to going for walks.

Many dog owners like to either take their dogs for a morning walk, an evening walk or even a night time walk. Remember that taking your dog for a walk will not only benefit your pet, but will also benefit you as well.

As a good practice, always take into consideration all relevant factors like age, health conditions, eating patterns and schedules, and of course, breed, before deciding on a walk routine and duration for your dog. You can also talk to a veterinarian as well to discuss your dog and ask for recommendations on a walking routine.

Walking is a good practice to get to know your furry friend a little better and to develop a meaningful relationship with them. It makes both you and them grateful for each other’s company!

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