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How Often Should You Change Cat Litter?

Cats are known to behave like the kings and queens of a house. They often expect royalty from their owners in the form of healthy food, playful toys, tasty snacks and a warm, cosy bed. No matter what, we give them the royalty that they desire because we love our cats. That is why we need to take extra care of them, because if they do not find their litter tray clean, they will often make a mess, and that is something you really want to avoid.

Saving Yourself from a Cats Mess

Cat owners are usually aware of the general rule, which is to have one litter box per cat. This, of course, is up to you, and while some cat owners only have 1 litter tray for 2 cats to share, having a tray for each cat is also an option to consider. You need to make sure that the litter box you provide is comfortable enough for your cat to use. You might also need to do some trial and error, to see if your cat prefers enclosed spaces or open trays. Once you figure that out, you can buy an appropriate litter box.

It is always recommended to get the best quality litter tray for your budget. Not only does your cat deserve it, but it will last longer too. So, loosen up your wallet and take some time to find the right litter box for your precious cat. Another important thing to take into consideration is the placement of the litter tray. It’s known that cats will often only go into their “little toilet” when there are either a small number of people around, or none at all. That is why you need to keep it in a private, accessible, and quiet place.

Cats Usage of the Litter Tray

Depending on the room temperature, amount of fluid and food they consume, as well as their age, cats might need to urinate or even take a “number 2” a few times a day. However, if you notice a change in their toiletry habits, then visiting the vet might be the smart option to get a check-up for any possible problems there might be.

When it comes to cats relieving themselves, this can usually happen a few times a day. Kittens often do it more often than older cats, and things like exercise and a good diet may lead to showing different results. If situations ever arise where you find blood in their stool, or if they suffer from stomach problems, then you should immediately take them to your local veterinarian.

Scooping the Litter Box

This is a relatively simple task that should be performed once or even several times a day, whenever the litter box is dirty. Buy yourself a small spade or scoop for the tray, and once cleaned, you can simply put the “toxic collections” in a plastic bag which can be disposed of later. Do not forget to clean your scooping tool as well, as it can often get very dirty. Remember, if your tray is not cleaned enough, you will often have a foul smell moving its way throughout the house, so the more frequently you clean it, the better. Your cat will also be happy to have a litter tray that is kept clean all the time.

Changing the Cat Litter

Some people replace the cat litter on a daily basis, while others may do it every few days. This will often depend on the owner, how many cats you have and how quickly it gets dirty. There are also several different kinds of cat litter that you can purchase. Some have fragrances, some are anti-bacterial, some are sand or crystal based etc. You might need to read some reviews, talk to a vet or even go through some trial and error to see what your particular cat likes the best.

Washing the Litter Tray

This is another important aspect to consider. Being a cat owner, you should focus on washing it on a daily or weekly basis. You can do this easily by simply washing it out with warm water, along with the option of also using safe and appropriate cleaning liquids, to help eliminate any stains or bad smells. This will not only make the cat litter box last longer, but will also keep the odors from being absorbed by the box.

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