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Best Probiotics for Cats (Reviews) – 2021

Owning a cat can sometimes come with a range of different challenges. This can include finding out what the best type of food for your cat is, what treats they enjoy, what type of beds you need to get them and so on. At the end of the day, we love our cats and will do whatever we can to help make their lives comfortable. This includes making sure that they get the correct nutrition and supplementation that they require, in order for them to remain in good health.

Should you end up in a situation where your cat’s stomach starts to become more sensitive or you notice that your cat has diarrhea, it might be the right time to start giving your cat some high quality probiotics, to help support their intestinal health. When it comes to getting the best probiotics for cats, choosing the correct product for your needs can often be a challenge given the many brands and types that are available.

Below, we will take a deeper look at some of the best probiotics for cats that are available for purchase.

1. Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements (FortiFlora) – Purina


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This Pro Plan Veterinary Supplement (FortiFlora) by Purina will help to settle your furry little friends sensitive stomach. This probiotic supplement comes in powder format and has been formulated to help promote a healthy intestinal microflora for cats that suffer from diarrhea. It helps to support better digestive health thanks to its live microorganisms and is suitable for all cat breeds at any life stage. Treat your furry little friend with this high quality probiotics for cats supplement, that is also great tasting.

2. Proviable-DC Digestive Health Supplement (Nutramax)


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This probiotic supplement by Nutramax contains live probiotic microorganisms (naturally occurring), multiple species and lots of highly beneficial microorganisms in each dosing. The added prebiotics will also help with the growth of the Proviable microorganisms in the intestinal tract. Proviable will also help to maintain a healthy intestinal microflora that might have experienced an imbalance as a result of food sensitivities, use of antibiotics, travel stress, metabolic disturbances and more. Treat your cat to this quality digestive health supplement to help re-establish intestinal health. This product is also easy to administer to cats and dogs with its sprinkle capsules.

3. Glandex Anal Gland Supplement (Vetnique Labs)


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This product by Vetnique Labs has a formula that works in multiple ways to maintain the health of your cats anal glands. Thanks to its unique fiber blend, it is able to help create bulky and firm stools, helping the anal glands to empty naturally when your pet needs to defecate. This product also has anti-inflammatories (natural) to help reduce allergies and also underlying inflammation that can contribute to the triggering of anal gland issues. It is also made with probiotics to help support the gastrointestinal health and immunity of your pets.

4. Vetri Mega Probiotic (VetriScience)


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The Vetri Mega Probiotic supplement is a formula that is non dairy, and has been made from an all natural source of microorganisms and FOS for digestive tract support. This supplement is recommended for intolerances to food, normalizing digestion, poor diet as well as neurological and immunological support. This probiotic for cats contains five billion microorganisms (each capsule) with 8 different strains of probiotics.

The product is ideal for both cats and dogs, and the probiotics it contains will help to control the balance of your pets digestive system, thereby improving overall health and also digestion. In addition to this, the probiotics will help to prevent bloating and gas and support regularity.

5. Daily Boosters Goat’s Milk (The Honest Kitchen)

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The Daily Boosters Goat’s Milk supplement contains probiotics and digestive enzymes for both dogs and also cats. This formula of digestive enzymes and natural goat’s milk with probiotics was made to help nurture and nourish dogs as well as cats. This product is great for general immune system support (gut level) and is ideal for puppies that are still growing. An additional benefit of this probiotic supplement is that it contains no preservatives or GMO ingredients. It can be served to your pet as a nourishing drink or even put onto kibble to give it extra moisture.

6. Probiotic Everyday (VetriScience)


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This Probiotic Everyday supplement by VetriScience offers a great balance of both prebiotics and also probiotics for supporting your cats immune system and digestive health. This product provides more than 100 million CFU’s of bacillus coagulans that will help to fight against the growth of any unwanted bacteria. This product also contains soluble prebiotic fibre that helps to feed the healthy bacteria that is of benefit to the digestive comfort of your cat. It is also easy to administer thanks to its bite sized chews.

7. Probiotic Miracle (Nusentia)


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This probiotic supplements for dogs and cats will help to bring wellness to your pets in a natural way. This probiotic powder (concentrated) has 6 species of beneficial bacteria that will help to maintain a healthy flora balance in the digestive tract of your pet.

This supplement will help to eliminate loose stools, skin issues, diarrhea and excessive yeast while at the very same time offer certain benefits like improved body smell and breath, coat and skin improvement, better absorption of nutrients as well as the elimination of waste. This product also is free of wheat, byproducts, soy as well as sugar, and is recommended for cats and dogs at any stage of life.

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