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Best Dry Dog Food (Reviews) – 2021

I think we can all agree that dogs provide a great deal of happiness, love and support to their owners. They are selfless creatures who, most of the time, just want to be loved and appreciated. With this in mind, it would only be right to take care of these loving creatures the way that they deserve. Besides giving them your time and playing with them, it is important to see that they get the necessary exercise and diet they need. While it might be hard to choose from the wide selection of dry dog food available on the market, you should always try to pick the one which is suitable for your dog. Now let’s dive into the reviews for the best dry dog foods that are available.

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice

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With this product, you can give your dog one of the finest quality dry dog foods available. This chicken and brown rice recipe comes in various sizes, so you can grab a smaller bag to test and see if your dog likes the food. Blue Buffalo has created this recipe to help make sure that your dog gets the nutrients they require. All of its formulas are sourced from real meat and enriched with veggies and fruit, so they will provide the nutrition that your dog needs.

The Adult chicken and brown rice recipe will also help to fill your dog’s needs for protein. This will ensure healthy muscle development. The food contains healthy carbs while helping your dog to stay active, and the deboned chicken will prove to be quite easy for your dog to nibble on. This dry dog food provides your dog with all the vitamins and minerals needed to improve its immune system as well. A good portion of this dry food will fill your dog up, serving as a whole meal.

2. Purina Pro Plan Adult (Sensitive Skin & Stomach)

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Another tasty treat for your furry friend is the Purina Pro Plan dry dog food formula. It comes in salmon and rice flavor and is available in different sized quantities. Therefore, you can buy the bag’s quantity based on your dog’s eating habits. This dry dog food is formulated to assist with sensitive skin and stomach issues that your dog may have. The salmon and rice formula is a treat for your dog’s taste buds, and it helps in digestion with the added probiotics. The rich and high-in-protein salmon provides the protein that is needed for everyday activity. The included vitamin A supports skin health and the omega-3 fatty acids support mobility and healthy joints.

3. Taste of the Wild (High Prairie)

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Give your dog the nutrition they deserve with the Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dog Food. It includes all the nutrition your dog will need for a balanced diet. This can be served as a whole meal on its own as it contains proteins from pea and sweet potatoes as well as antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. Therefore, making it the perfect meal for your caring friend. The taste of this grain-free dog food is beyond compare, so it’s guaranteed that your dog will love it.

4. Purina Pro Plan Adult Shredded Chicken & Rice Dog Food

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Provide nourishment to your canine friend by giving them the best Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice Formula by Purina Pro. If your dog likes a bit of a bite to their food, this will be the best choice. It contains hard kibble as well as shredded pieces that provide a texture your furry friend will love. This dry dog food features shredded chicken, so high protein is guaranteed. The vitamin A and probiotics in the food will help to improve your dog’s skin, as well as immune and digestive health. Give your dog’s taste buds a treat and feed them the Shredded Chicken and Rice formula from Purina.

5. Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream)

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Feed your dog the best with the Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dog Food. The grain-free recipe will prove to be easier to digest, and is packed with proteins from real smoked salmon. It also contains antioxidants from fruits and vegetables which will help in maintaining and improving your dogs overall health. This dog food is also made from ingredients that are free of wheat, artificial flavors, corn, grain and other preservatives. Help support your dogs immune system and overall health with this nourishing food.

6. American Journey (Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe) Dog Food

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American Journey is sure to land on your canine friend’s top list of dog foods. The delectable combination of salmon and sweet potato will excite the taste buds of any canine. The salmon and sweet potato will help to deliver the protein and carbohydrates needed for lean muscle development, while providing an excellent flavor. This grain free recipe is sure to provide your dog with all the nutrients needed for a healthy body and lifestyle. The addition of omegas serves to improve the coat and skin of your dog, and the amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals, included in this formula, will help to maintain your dogs overall health.

7. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Dog Food

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Let your dog’s inner wolf loose by feeding him the Blue Buffalo (Chicken) Recipe dry dog food. This grain-free recipe is sure to provide your canine friend with the nutrients they need, especially considering that chicken is the first ingredient provided in the recipe. It contains omega 6 and also omega 3 fatty acids for supporting a healthy coat and skin. The high-protein chicken will help to fulfill the protein requirement of your canine, which will contribute to the building and maintaining of lean muscle. Your dogs will be sure to love every bite with this delicious formula.

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