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Best Dry Cat Food (Reviews) – 2021

Cats are beautiful creatures that can be very healing and caring towards us humans. Having said this, if you own a cat then you should do your best to take care of your furry little friend, and provide them with the best quality food and other accessories you can get, that can help make their lives a little easier.

Maintaining the health of your cat often starts with a good diet, and this means giving your cat the highest quality foods that are available on the market. Because there are currently so many different brands of wet and dry cat food available, this can sometimes make it challenging to get the right food for your cat. In this review, we will be taking a look at some of the best dry cat food products that you can give to your pet.

1. (American Journey) Dry Cat Food – Turkey & Chicken


american journey turkey chicken

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The Turkey and Chicken grain free recipe dry cat food by American Journey features wholesome kibble, that includes deboned turkey and chicken to fulfill the craving of your cats, and to provide them with the nutrients required for their body for a whole days adventure. These delicious grain-free meals also include wholesome vegetables and fruits.

This product is made in the USA using ingredients from trusted sources all over the world, and the best part is that the company has not used poultry by-product meal, soy, wheat, corn or any artificial preservatives. This delicious product contains 40% protein along with vital amino acids plus other powerful nutrients.

This dry cat food provides your cat with antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system and essential amino acids such as taurine to help support eye and heart health. It also includes omega fatty acids to support coat and skin health.

2. Indoor Dry Cat Food (Cat Chow)


cat chow dry cat food

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Cat Chow has formulated this dry cat food with the consideration of an indoor cats level of activities, meaning the whole recipe will contain fewer calories to promote a healthy weight. Cat Chow has formulated this recipe with a crunchy texture that makes for a delicious, nutritionally balanced meal. The added natural fibre present in every serving also helps in controlling hairballs.

This dry cat food recipe also includes antioxidants, that will help to promote a healthier immune system. A great feature of this product is that it contains 25 essential minerals and vitamins, which helps in supporting the overall health of your kitty, and each serving will deliver much needed nutrients to support their health.

3. ProActive Health Weight & Hairball Care (Indoor) Cat Food (Iams)


proactive health indoor cat food

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The Proactive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care by Iams is a quality dry cat food that uses turkey and chicken cat kibble to provide the nutrients your pet needs. The company has manufactured this dry cat food with tasty turkey and chicken, made into a deliciously crunchy kibble.

This formula has been developed to prioritize healthy weight management, and the recipe contains L-carnitine, which helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism and the burning of fat. The blend of fiber includes beet pulp that reduces hairballs and supports healthy digestion, and the omega acids help to promote a healthy, beautiful coat.

4. Wilderness Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food – Grain Free (Blue Buffalo)


blue buffalo wilderness chicken

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The Wilderness Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food (grain free) by Blue Buffalo is rich in protein and contains more tasty and delicious meat that your cat craves. This product is manufactured using real chicken, which assists in maintaining and building lean muscles. It also contains healthy carbohydrates such as peas and sweet potatoes to fuel the daily activities of your little furry friend.

A great feature about this dry cat food product is that it also contains a good blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to help support a healthier immune system as well as a healthy oxidative balance. It also does not contain any wheat, artificial flavors, soy, preservatives or corn. It also has omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to further support the health of the skin and coat of your cat.

5. Tender Selects Blend W/ Real Chicken (Purina ONE)


purina one tender selects blend

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With the Tender Selects Blend by Purina ONE, every cup contains delicious crunchy bites along with meaty, tender morsels. This product uses real chicken, offering high quality protein to promote healthy muscles and provide much required energy. It is formulated for adult cats, does not contain any fillers, but rather only ingredients that offer minerals, vitamins and healthy omega-6 fatty acids to support the coat and skin health of your cat.

This quality dry cat food product offers great taste and provides a well balanced diet for your cat, which will help to fulfill the craving of your furry friend, and provide them with all essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.
This kibble also has a crunchy texture which helps to scrub tartar which will further help to keep your cats teeth healthy and clean. This product is manufactured without any fillers.

6. Original Choice (Meow Mix)


meow mix original choice

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The Original Choice Dry Cat Food by Meow Mix has been specially formulated to aid adult cats in staying happy and healthy. To maintain their health throughout adulthood, fully grown cats require all the essential nutrients they can get, in order to help them keep their bodies in shape as they continue to age.

This product has incorporated many essential nutrients required for your cat’s needs, which includes high quality protein and vital fatty acids for supporting the health of their coat, and assisting in the maintenance of strong muscles. This dry cat food is also filled with loads of wholesome ingredients, and your cat will enjoy the delicious flavors of turkey, chicken, ocean fish and salmon.

This tasty cat food is ideal for adult cats and it contains a proper a balance of minerals and vitamins for maximizing better health. This formula also uses premium protein to help with stronger muscles, and it is manufactured in the United States of America.

7. Complete Dry Cat Food (Cat Chow)


cat chow complete

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Give your cat good nutrition with the Complete Dry Cat Food by Cat Chow to help support their overall health and promote a better immune system. This well formulated, delicious recipe helps to promote a cats health at every stage of their life, by providing them with 25 essential minerals and vitamins in each serving.

This dry cat food product offers a proper balance of all nutrients, which gives you peace of mind knowing your furry friend is getting all the vital nutrients with their meals, ultimately promoting better wellness and health. The product provides the four cornerstones of vital nutrition in every serving, including healthy carbs, protein, essential minerals and vitamins, and healthy fatty acids.

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