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Best Dog Toys (Reviews) – 2021

Buying your dog a new toy can be a daunting task, especially when the toy eventually ends up either being ignored or torn to shreds. While introducing new toys to your dog means encouraging them to exercise, you still have to be slightly selective with the kind of toys you choose, to ensure that the toy not only lasts but also becomes your dog’s favorite.

Each dog has its preference and loves a variety or selection of toys. This is a list of the best dog toys that we think your canine will love. It will encourage daily exercise for your dog’s mental and physical well being, and it will also love you for getting these wonderful toys.

1. Ultra Rubber Ball Dog Toy (Chuckit!)


chuckit ultra rubber ball

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Adult dogs are often high on energy and need something that helps them release it. This rubber ball is the perfect toy for your excited dogs, who love playing fetch and jumping around to get to this high bouncing ball. Apart from how well designed it is, the ball has some added benefits that offer your dog a quality interactive play session with you. This ultra rubber ball has an extra thick rubber core, and it floats easily on water, so whether it is a day at the park or the pool, this can be your dog’s go-to toy. Additionally, this ball has a bright color that promotes your dog’s visibility and prevents the ball from getting lost.

2. Lamb Chop Squeaky Dog Toy (Multipet)

multipet lamb chop

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You can never go wrong with a super plush squeaky toy that raises your dog’s excitement level to no end. This adorable Lamb Chop toy is great for an interactive play session. It can be played with individually so that it can help keep some of your dog’s chewing urges at bay. Additionally, the design of the toy makes it even more fun to play with. This squeaky toy has an internal squeaker, making your dog come running to you as soon as you press the toy. There are 3 sizes available that include a mini, regular, and jumbo, which you can choose according to the age of your dog.

3. DuraChew Dental Chew Chicken Flavored Dinosaur Toy (Nylabone)

nylabone durachew dental

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This toy is what you are looking for if your dog loves to chew off everything in sight. This is a dentally approved toy recommended by veterinarians. It promotes your dog’s mouth hygiene by cleaning its teeth, reducing tartar buildup, controlling plaque, and massaging its gums. Also, this toy is chicken flavored, and it comes in different shapes, including T-Rex, Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus. The material of this toy is durable nylon, which makes it long-lasting and gives your dog the perfect toy to chew on.

4. Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Dog Toy (Outward Hound)


outward hound hide squirrel

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Interactive play sessions with your dog are the best way to create a deeper bond with them. With this Squeaky Squirrel Plush Toy, you can now get your dog jumping up and down with excitement and increase his physical activity, by letting him pull out these plushy squirrels. All you need to do is stuff the squirrels in the tree trunk and watch your dog have the time of his life. This toy is designed with different engaging features in terms of shapes, textures and sounds. It is available in a few different sizes, with the options being junior, large, jumbo, and ginormous. The number of squirrels in each package depends on the size you choose.

5. Cotton Rope with Bones Dog Toy (Bones & Chews)

bones chews rope

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While every dog is picky when it comes to choosing toys, bones are every dog’s favorite without a doubt. This Rope and Bones dog toy is one of those toys that offer your dog ultimate fun when it comes to individual play. Along with that, the way this toy is designed makes it great for supporting healthy teeth and gums as it offers a chewing challenge along with some tugging and pulling. There are no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors used, and it is also not chemically treated, which makes it entirely safe for your dog to play with all day long.

6. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy


wobble wag ball

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Dogs love toys that can satisfy their natural instincts to play around. This ball dog toy is a special ball toy that features super funny sounds, has unique colors, and motion design that mimics the laughter and joy of real humans. This ball can be operated without batteries and has 3 tubes inside, which produce sounds each time the ball is rolled. The material of this toy is flexible as well as durable. It contains phthalate free vinyl and is completely safe for your dog to bat and play with.

7. DuraChew Power Chew Bacon Flavored Dog Toy (Nylabone)


nylabone durachew bacon

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What is better than bacon, that too in the form of a bone that is chewy and healthy for your dog’s teeth? This toy comes in various sizes, starting from extra small extending all the way up to extra large. The material of this toy is nylon, and it is bacon flavored, which helps your dog satisfy its chewing urges and prevents destructive chewing. The best part about this chew toy is that it is vet recommended and can easily be given to your dog.

8. Dogwood Tough Chew Toy (Petstages)

petstages dogwood toy

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As dogs grow older, their chewing instincts can start kicking in harder and this makes them crave for something to chew on constantly. With this chew toy, you can now help your dog with its chewing urges, dental health and keep its stress level low. This chew toy comes in 4 different sizes as well. The material of this toy is real wood combined with synthetic strength, which is non-toxic and durable. The smell of natural wood alerts your dog’s nose and allows it to have a fun tossing and fetching session.

(Image Credits: Chewy.Com)

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