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Best Dog Harness (Reviews) – 2021

If you own a dog, then you will know that this can often come with some challenges. Finding out what food to feed your dog, what sorts of toys they enjoy playing with, where they want to sleep and more. We all want the best for our dogs, and this means giving them the best nutrition and comforts that we can afford, while also ensuring that they get the appropriate exercise based on their breed and size.

Many dog owners like to walk their dogs to help them get the exercise that they need, for them to remain fit and healthy. Some do it strictly for their dog’s health, while others do it as a fun time activity that also promotes bonding between themselves and their furry friend. When it comes to walking your dog, most dog owners will often use either a leash or a harness. A harness is often a great choice and can provide some health benefits over using a leash, as they don’t put much strain on a dog’s throat, whereas leashes do.

If you are looking for the best dog harness that is most suitable for your dog, then you have ended up at the right place.

1. Easy Walk Dog Harness (PetSafe)

easy walk dog harness

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Enjoy walking around with your dog without any more pulling on the leash, with the Easy Walk dog harness by PetSafe. This product attaches near to your dog’s chest and will allow you to regain control over your dog, instead of any unnecessary pulling at your dog’s throat. This dog harness is also able to fit any breed of dog thanks to the different sizing options available.

The belly strap of this product features a complementary color which makes it easier to identify which strap goes under your dog’s belly and over the shoulders. This product also has four adjustment points that will help to provide a more reliable fit and great comfort for your pet.

2. Voyager Mesh Dog Harness (Best Pet Supplies)

voyager black trim dog harness

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This Mesh Dog Harness is an easy to use and simple harness that will provide great comfort for your pet. Featuring a breathable and soft mesh, this harness will help to keep your dog cool as they walk as it allows moisture to escape. This product also offers a more secure fit for your dog and is gentle on the skin. Equipped with a quick release buckle, a fuzzy fastener closure and two D-rings for leash attachment, this dog harness will no doubt prove sufficient for your needs. It’s also made with an easy step-in style which is great for pets that hate putting harnesses over their heads.

3. No Pull Mesh Dog Harness (Sporn)

no pull dog harness

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This quality dog harness was made for control, style and comfort, and features a chest piece (elasticized mesh) that moves with your pup. It has a design that will allow you to control your dogs without choking them, and the harness (one piece) can be put on and taken off easily. This product also has restraint sleeves (padded) that will provide added comfort under your dogs front legs.

Key features of this dog harness include its patented system that is designed to “give” with the natural movements of your dog, it’s made to stop the hardest of pullers while at the same time preventing choking, has padded restraint sleeves and is made with high quality nylon suitable for all weather conditions.

4. Big Dog No Pull Harness (HDP)

no pull dog harness

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This strong dog harness by HDP offers great function with a no choke design. It is ideal for hard pullers and older pets that are in need of a gentler option. The wide chest of this product allows for better distribution of weight throughout your dog’s shoulders and chest, making their walking experience more comfortable. This product also has a D-ring that gives your pet more freedom of motion, while at the same time giving control to you. It also has a handle (built in) for added control to help you keep your dog close when needed.

5. Small Breed Soft Dog Harness (Frisco)


small breed soft vest harness

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This is an easy to use dog harness that has been created with a breathable, soft mesh that will help to provide your dog with comfort and also keep them cool and the same time. It features an adjustable fastener and easy step-in design, allowing you to get the right fit for your furry friend. It also has two D-rings and a fast release buckle, helping to make sure that your dog stays secure in the harness during walk time. There are also 4 reflective bands that are sewn into this harness along the sides and chest for added safety. You can also pick from multiple different colors and sizing also varies.

6. Padded No Pull Dog Harness (Frisco)

padded nylon no pull harness

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This padded nylon dog harness by Frisco is a suitable option for dog owners looking for a harness that offers comfort to their pets, and more control for the owner. Created with quality nylon webbing along with a mesh chest piece that is padded, this harness will help to keep your pup more comfortable and secure on walks. It has an O-ring leash attachment at the front that helps to discourage pulling, and is suitable for dogs that are in training or those that simply require more encouragement to walk better on the leash. It also features an over-the-head design and an added D-ring (back area of the harness) for attachment of a leash.

7. Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness (Kurgo)


tru fit enhanced strength harness

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This unique dog harness is crash tested and will help to provide more safety to your dog when riding in a car. It features a Nesting Buckle System (all steel) that is based on the engineering of harnesses used by linesmen and also rock climbers, ensuring better safety and strength. This product also has 5 adjustment points allowing you to get a custom fit for any dog, and also has a comfortable chest pad that reduces stress on the sternum and trachea. It is also compatible with seat belt systems of any vehicle.

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