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Best Dog Food Storage Containers (Reviews) – 2021

Purchasing kibble or dog food in bulk for your furry friend is a great way to save money and prevent multiple trips to your local pet store. But, at the same time, it is equally essential to learn how to store dog foods to avoid them going musty. Depending upon the storage space required, the type of dog food you have, and the desired container size, you will want to choose the best dog food storage containers that will work for you and your pet.

Below is a breakdown of some of the best dog food storage containers that are worth considering.

1. Airtight Food Container & Scoop (IRIS)

iris food storage container

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Keeping the kibbles or other dog foods fresh and dry is the real challenge for any dog owner. But, not anymore, as the Airtight Food Container & Scoop by IRIS solves such issues efficiently. It is one of the best dog food storage containers featuring a 33-quart dry food container, two-cup matching food scoop, and a 12-quart treat container. The storage container comes with air-tight seals, which are empowered by the snap-lock latches, ensuring to keep humidity, pests, and moisture out while keeping the treats fresh and dry.

Because of the transparent sides, owners can quickly check the food levels for refilling. For convenience, it features rotating casters, enabling the users to move the storage container quickly around the pantry and kitchen.

2. Vittles Vault Stackable Food Storage (Gamma2)


gamma2 vittles vault

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If you want a quality dog food storage container to keep your pets food fresh, consider the Stackable Vittles Vault for your furry friend. This heavy duty pet food container comes with sufficient storage for dog foods. The exciting part is that the lids are airtight, and hence it keeps the pests out while keeping the food fresh for your dog. The package also includes a measuring cup, which you can use to measure the food for your dog before serving.

This pet food storage vault also features a wide and easy screw lid opening, and the stackable design allows for easy storage in your house. It is made out of BPA free food grade plastic, making it safe for the storage of pet foods. The airtight seals help to keep the pet foods fresh, and pests out of the container.

Key features of this product – It has a measuring cup for easy feeding, airtight seals to keep food fresh, BPA free  plastic and a stackable design to keep pet foods organized.

3. Vittles Vault Plus Food Container (Gamma2)


gamma2 vittles vault plus

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The space efficient Vittles Vault Plus from Gamma2 is the right choice for keeping your dog foods fresh, and boasts an elegant designed shape. This storage container is airtight, helping to keep the pests out while ensuring that the dog food remains fresh. It’s made from a strong plastic and has a screw lid for easy maneuverability. The storage container also features a free measuring cup and modern granite stone finish.

Key summary of features of this product include the fact that it has a BPA free food grade heavy-duty plastic. It’s very durable and features a screw lid to ensure the freshness of the pet foods. It also has airtight seals to keep unwanted pests out and maintain freshness.

4. Vittles Vault Pet Food Container (Gamma2)


gamma2 vittles vault storage

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This Vittles Vault pet food container is made out of BPA free plastic, and is airtight, helping to keep your pet food fresh. This product features an easy opening screw lid and molded handles for easy transportation of the container. It features waterproof plastic and an airtight seal to ensure the pet food is always kept fresh. This dog food storage container keeps the odor of the food contained in the vault, and the package includes a measuring cup for a precise serving of pet food.

Summary of this product: It keeps the pet foods odor inside the container to prevent attracting other animals, it comes with a measuring cup for precise food serving, has molded handles allowing for easier transportation as well as a wide screw opening.

5. Pet Food Container (Van Ness)


van ness food storage container

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Introducing the Pet Food Storage Container by Van Ness. This product comes with a quality, stylish design and offers optimal utility and great value to pet owners. It is designed using FDA approved plastic and colorant that is pet safe. This dog food storage container will help to keep your pet’s food fresh, assisting in their health and well being. It is also available in different sizes to meet the specific storage needs of owners and their desired pet foods.

The seal of this particular container helps to keep it airtight, helping pet foods stay fresh. It will also help to reduce any kind of spoilage due to moisture and pests.

6. Airtight Pet Food Container, Navy (IRIS)


iris airtight pet storage

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The Airtight Pet Food Container (Navy/Clear) by IRIS, is another high quality pet food storage product that keeps pet foods fresh, thanks to its airtight seal. The airtight navy blue cover helps to keep out pests as well as any moisture from humidity, in an effort to sustain the pet foods’ freshness. It is a clear, transparent storage container that allows you to easily keep track of pet food levels.

Takeaway features of this product – It has an airtight seal cover to keep unwanted moisture and pests out, is made with BPA free plastic, and it has a wide opening for easy scooping.

7. Airtight Pet Food Container, Black (IRIS)


iris airtight pet container

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Another great pet storage product that is also made by IRIS is the (Black/Clear) Airtight Pet Food Container. Once again, it comes with an airtight cover that helps to seal out any unwanted moisture and pests, thereby helping to keep your pet food fresh for longer. The container itself is clear and transparent, making it easy to check on food levels. It also comes with a wide top that makes it easy to scoop out food for perfect serving sizes.

Some of the great features of this dog food storage container include the fact that it has an airtight cover to help keep out pests and moisture while at the same time keeping kibble fresh, has a wide top that allows for convenient scooping and uses BPA free plastic.

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