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Best Cat Treats (Reviews) – 2021

Cats are great pets to have, and they are mostly very warming and comforting towards their owners. Providing your cats with the best food, toys, beds and other accessories that money can buy is something that most cat owners aim for, in order to help make their furry little friends stay in this world a little more comfortable. When it comes to both food and treats for cats, there are many different varieties and types available for purchase at pet stores and also online.

This has often made it a challenge to owners when it comes to making a choice about what treats you should get your cat. After all, you only want to feed your cats the best and healthiest snacks and food on the market. Delicious treats and snacks are one such thing that all cat owners should have, to help satisfy your cats hunger desires and also to reward them on any given occasion.

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best cat treats that you can buy for your furry little pal.

1. Tasty Chicken Flavor Treats (Temptations)


temptations tasy chicken treats

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Spoil your cats with these delicious chicken flavored treats by Temptations. Shaped like a pocket, these irresistible treats are crunchy (outside) as well as creamy and soft (inside). They feature a savory chicken taste and are well balanced nutritionally for adult cats. Grab your cat’s attention and watch them come running with these delicious treats by shaking the tub! With every piece having under 2 calories, you will be able to treat your cat to more without feeling guilty. These delicious chicken flavored treats have also been made with vitamins as well as the amino acid taurine, that will help to support the overall well being and health of your cat.

2. Mixups Catnip Fever Treats (Temptations)


temptations mixups catnip fever

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Treat your precious little cats to these scrumptious tasting Catnip Fever treats by Temptations. These cat treats feature a pocket like shape, a variety of different textures, a soft creamy inside, a crunchy outside and also come in three tasty flavors that include cheese, chicken and catnip. They are balanced nutritionally for adult cats and have just under two calories for each treat, allowing you to treat your cats without feeling too guilty! They also include vitamins to further help support the overall well being and health of your cat. Treat your cats to these delicious tasting and nutritionally balanced snacks!

3. Feline Dental Treats – Savory Salmon Flavor (Greenies)


greenies salmon flavor treats

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If you want to help keep your cats teeth clean, white and healthy then these savory salmon flavored dental cat treats by Greenies are the choice for you. These savory salmon flavored treats were made to help freshen your kitties breath, reduce tartar build up and also clean teeth. They have been made with natural ingredients and also contain minerals and vitamins, making them a balanced and nutritionally complete snack for your adult cat. An added benefit of these cat treats is that they have no preservatives or artificial flavors making them more healthy for your cat.

4. Seafood Medley Flavor Treats (Temptations)


seafood medley treats

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Another great cat treat product by Temptations. Shaped like a pocket and crafted with vitamins as well as taurine, these delicious and irresistible treats are crunchy on the outside and feature a creamy, soft inside. Being nutritionally balanced and delivering a variety of textures, these savory seafood flavored cat treats will no doubt be a winner with your cat. The added vitamins and taurine (amino acid) are of great benefit, ensuring that your furry little pal’s health and well being are taken care of. Give that tub a shake and watch your furry little pal come running with excitement.

5. Party Mix Beachside Crunch Treats (Friskies)


party mix beachside crunch

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This Party Mix Beachside Crunch cat treats product by Friskies offers a delicious seafood flavor that will help to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Flavors include crab and tuna, shrimp and ocean whitefish in every bite. The crunchy texture of these cat treats will further help to clean their teeth by removing tartar and plaque. These fun shaped treats are designed for adult cats, have under two calories (per treat), are complete and balanced and feature a texture that will help to keep their teeth clean. The package also allows for easy feeding to your cats so you can feed by hand or even toss them out for more excitement.

6. Feline Dental Treats – Tempting Tuna Flavor (Greenies)


tempting tuna flavor treats

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Help your cats to maintain the whiteness and cleanness of their teeth with these tuna flavored dental treats by Greenies. These cat treats were created to help reduce the buildup of tartar, clean your cats teeth and also freshen their breath, making them a great choice for anyone. They also contain natural ingredients as well as vitamins and minerals, making them a balanced and nutritionally complete snack for adult cats. With each treat containing fewer than 2 calories in addition to having no preservatives or artificial flavors, these tuna flavored treats are a great choice for your cats.

7. Party Mix – Morning Munch Crunch (Friskies)


morning munch crunch

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Great as a morning snack, these Morning Munch Crunch cat treats by Friskies offer a delicious flavor, made to impress picky eaters. Featuring cheese, egg and bacon flavors in every bite, they will offer a tasty snack for your furry friend. The resealable package also helps to ensure that they are kept fresh in addition to being easy to store in your home. These treats which are perfect to be given as a snack to your cats ant any time, contain less than 1.5 calories (per treat) and can be easily given to your cats by hand, or tossed for that extra excitement! Packed with delicious breakfast flavors, these treats are a great choice for your furry little pal.

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