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Best Cat Toys (Reviews) – 2021

Daily physical activity in the form of playing is great for your felines. To promote your cat’s health and longevity, it requires that you involve your pet in toys that keep it engaged, which will boost its mood as well. Additionally, getting the best cat toys for your little buddy can also help create a deeper bond. Here, we have listed some of the best cat toys for you to choose from for your cat.

If you are someone whose cat is getting bored with the toys it has, this might be really helpful for you.

1. Cat Tracks Butterfly Cat Toy (Frisco)

frisco cat tracks

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Cats love a multi functional toy that keeps them distracted. The Cat Tracks Butterfly Toy by Frisco will get your feline excited while they chase around the balls to bat in excitement. The rolling ball sound gets your cat to turn on its prey instincts. This is a 3 tier track, each with a rolling ball for your cat to bat, offering an exciting playtime that adds daily exercise and mental stimulation. The top tier has a wire attached to it with a bouncy butterfly on top. This is an ideal toy for multiple cats or even a single cat.

2. Catnip Yellow Banana Toy (Yeowww!)


yeowww catnip banana

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What is better than a soft and plushy banana for your little pal? Yeowww offers you a Catnip Yellow Banana that ensures a fun playtime for your feline. This banana toy is filled with premium quality catnip that is 100% organically grown. The stuffiness of the banana makes it really soft, lightweight, and easy to bat. The material used to craft this banana toy is durable cotton, which can withstand wild batting, biting, and kicking. There are no hazardous materials like plastic pieces attached to this toy that can be dangerous for your little companion. The leaves and flowers the banana is stuffed with creates a strong aroma that lasts for ages.

3. Tower of Tracks Toy (Petstages)

petstages power tracks

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Interactive toys are always a win win for you and your little pal. With the Tower of Tracks Toy, you can get your cat to stay busy for hours on end with the accessories it comes with. This roller track toy comes with 3 different tiers of the tower, each of which has a rolling ball for your cats to bat, which keeps them on their toes. This is a great toy for a household with multiple cats who have a shared playtime session. The pads of these tracks are non skid and stay in place even after the batting.

4. Bird Teaser with Feathers Toy (Frisco)


frisco bird teaser

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This toy comes with a string attached to it, which can bounce using the wand. Having an interactive play session can now become fun as this toy is specially designed to encourage your cat to take some big leaps to catch its prey. The material of this toy is polyester, which makes it soft and fuzzy and allows the cats’ natural hunting instinct to come out through biting and batting. This cat teaser has colorful feathers, and the crinkle material of the bird and the catnip it contains can make this toy your cat’s favorite. Cats can easily get their daily exercise with this toy by chasing, batting, and pouncing.

5. Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Toy (SmartyKat)


smartykat hot pursuit

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This toy keeps your cat enticed and excited throughout their play session. The base of this electronic toy has a wand attached to it, which stays concealed and triggers your cat’s preying instinct to pounce on the wand and satisfy its preying urges. This toy can help to stimulate your cat’s physical and mental activity and gives it the experience of different speeds to hunt at. Additionally, the wand in this toy is interchangeable and can easily be replaced. The material of this toy is plastic. It has been tested to meet child safety standards, which makes it safe for your little feline friend as well.

6. Active Feather Teaser Toy (KONG)

kong active feather teaser

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Bouncy toys are always fun for your cat. The Active Feather Teaser toy by Kong is a must have in your cat’s toy collection. It helps your cat get daily physical activity and satisfies its natural predatory instincts with the plushy bird attached to it. The bird is stuffed with North American Catnip that can entice your cat. The crinkling sound also tempts your cat to hunt and make the most of the interactive play session. There are different colors available for this toy, and there are also random characters, including a flamingo, bluebird or butterfly.

7. 21 inch Sisal Cat Scratching Post (Frisco) With Toy


frisco scratch pad

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Scratch posts are a necessity for your cat, and also to help further protect the furniture at your home. With this 21 inch Cat Scratching Post, your cats get a place where they can claw as much they want. This is an ideal post for kittens as well as adult cats, especially since it is great for nuzzling and has a toy attached to it. The post is covered with woven Sisal and Faux Fur, making the scratch post plushy and soft while allowing your cat to sink its claws right in. The post is dual textured and is covered from all four sides, which makes it great for houses with single or even multiple cats.

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