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Best Cat Scratching Post (Reviews) – 2021

Owning a cat can more often than not be a pleasurable experience, given how comforting and warming these animals can be. If you love and care for your cat, then you will often go the extra mile to make sure that they are fed the best food, given healthy treats and have the best beds as well as other accessories needed to help make their stay as comfortable as possible.

One such accessory for cats that a lot of people tend to overlook is a cat scratching post. Cat scratching posts are a great way to let your cats get some exercise, stretch, act out their scratching urges and also to help keep their nails sharp and healthy. This type of product is also highly recommended to help deter your cats from scratching on curtains, chairs and lounge suites should the urge come their way.

There are a variety of different types of these scratchers that you will be able to get both online and in store. If you are looking for the best cat scratching post for your cat then you have ended up at the right place. Let’s take a look at 7 of the best cat scratchers that are available online.

1. Sisal Cat Scratching Post (Frisco)


frisco cat scratching pad

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Most cats love to scratch, and this product by Frisco is one such cat scratching post that will allow your cat to fulfill their clawing desires. This 33.5-inch vertical, tower shaped scratcher is also great for nuzzling and features a layer of woven sisal (durable) that covers all 4 sides. This tall tower offers the perfect opportunity for a full body stretch and at the same time also satisfies your cats instinctual need to scratch. The baseboard of this product is double layered which helps to add stability as your cat uses it. The base as well as the perch of this scratcher both have a soft plush material, providing for more comfort on the paws, and also comes with easy to setup instructions.

2. Cactus Cat Scratching Post (Frisco)


frisco cactus scratcher

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Featuring a unique cactus style design, this cat scratching post by Frisco has been created to help stand the test against powerful playtime from your cat. It has a stable baseboard that will allow your furry friend to climb, stretch and scratch during the day as they please. The bottom and top parts of this cactus shaped scratching post feature a plush fabric material that will allow your cats to nuzzle as well. Help your cats to satisfy their scratching desires while at the same time keeping their nails healthy with this quality product.

3. Ultimate Sisal Cat Scratching Post (SmartCat)


smartcat ultimate scratch post

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This quality cat scratching post by SmartCat is 32 inches in height, allowing your cat to get nice full stretches and also improve the tone of their muscles as they claw away on this post. This product is covered with a fibrous woven sisal that will not snag your cats nails like other scratch posts that are carpet covered. It features a sturdy 16 x 16 inch base to prevent it from wobbling and tipping over, is quick to assemble and will help to fit the décor of any home thanks to its attractiveness and neutrally toned color.

4. Sisal Scratching Post + Toy (Frisco)


frisco 21 inch scratcher

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This 21-inch cat scratching post by Frisco will offer your furry little pet a perfect place for them to claw. This product also features a hanging ball toy for your cat to bat around and is also great for nuzzling. It features a layer of woven sisal on all 4 sides that is durable, and also provides for great stretching for your cat, in addition to being a scratch post. This scratch post is suitable for kittens of any size and age, helps to satisfy their natural instincts and keeps their nails healthy. The hanging pom-pom will further satisfy their playtime and it also features a soft, comfortable and plush material on the base.

5. Nuvo Grand Forte Scratching Post (MidWest)


midwest nuvo scratching post

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The 41-inch Forte Cat Scratching post by MidWest features a neutral color that is great for all types of home decor. The sisal wrapped supports of this product help to provide a tougher and more resilient scratching post to help fulfill the needs of your cat. It also has a plush fabric that you can easily clean when it comes to unwanted fur and other accidents. The post also has a very soft brown faux fur in addition to the sisal wrapped supports which helps to add further support and comfort for your cat. This cat scratcher also offers easy assembly, and is a great addition for anyone looking for a scratching post to help deter their cats from scratching furniture and other items.

6. Wall Sisal Cat Scratcher (Frisco)


frisco wall scratcher

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This cat scratching post is unique and different to most other cat scratchers that feature a base stand, as it attaches to the wall. This tall scratch post will help to further encourage your cats to stretch, promotes stress relief and also encourages them to exercise. It has a sisal wrapped board so your cats will really be able to dig their claws in as they desire. This product can be easily hung on the corner of walls as well as furniture, and you can even put it on the floor to let your cat lounge on!

7. Parla Fleece Scratching Post (TRIXIE)


trixie parla scratching post

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This 24.4-inch cat scratcher by TRIXIE is a great product to help keep your cat’s nails healthy. Featuring a post that is wrapped in sisal material, this post offers the perfect material to help your cats sharpen their claws. The soft, plush covered base of this scratching post is an added benefit that offers a perfect resting place for your cat when they tire out from their clawing activities. This cat scratcher also offers easy assembly and helps to encourage natural clawing behavior.

(Image Credits: Chewy.Com)

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