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Best Cat Litter (Reviews) – 2021

Our cats are beautiful creatures that are often very friendly and also very aloof at the same time. They have always been known to be mysterious and strange, maybe even sassy, as they strut about the house, taking frequent naps, and eating all day. Anyone who owns one or multiple cats will also know how much they can be prone to making a mess in the house. This is especially arduous for people in multi-cat households because that means multiple potty times and multiple messes.

Cat litters are extremely important and necessary for your cat, and its always important that you get the right one. You will need to consider the material, type and size of the cat litter when you decide to purchase one.

To aid you in your search for cat litters so you can live an easy life with your feline, here are some of the best cat litters, suitable for single or even multiple cat households.  Choosing cat litter can often be a challenge given the many brands and types that are available on the market, not to mention how fussy cats can be. So, to help you out, here are some of the best cat litters you can buy for your feline friends:

1.Frisco Multi Cat Clumping Clay (Unscented) Cat Litter

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The Frisco Clumping (Unscented) Clay Cat Litter is made from natural clay that makes hard and unbreakable clumps that are easy for scooping and disposing. When exposed to moisture, the granules of cat litter join tightly together and ensure that any liquid does not reach the bottom of the tray. It has an instant odor controlling formula and is low-tracking, so there will be little to no mess and barely any scattered litter trails. It is a heavy-duty litter that is most ideal for mechanical or sifting litter boxes.

2. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Clumping Clay (Unscented) Cat Litter

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Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter is made from a unique formula that combines a medium grain clay with heavy non tracking granules. It prevents the moisture from getting to the bottom of the tray while also ensuring that the clumps formed will not break down during scooping. It has great odor control while also being unscented so as to not overwhelm the atmosphere of your house. It is also ideal for mechanical or sifting litter boxes to make for easy disposal. Lastly, it is mostly a hypo-allergenic, dust free, natural litter, so its quite suitable for families with allergies.

3. Arm & Hammer Litter Slide Multi Cat Scented Clay Cat Litter

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This cat litter is one of a kind. This is a sliding litter that requires no effort in scrubbing or scraping from your end. Whenever it is time to clean up the tray, the litter can just conveniently slide down. It is made from a clumping clay formula Clump and Seal technology, which dissolves foul smells very quickly before they are able to leave the litter box. It is also 100% dust free, maintaining the sweet and fresh smell of your home that keeps both you and your feline friends happy!

4. World’s Best Multi Cat Corn Cat Litter (Unscented)

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This cat litter forms tight and easy to scoop clumps and neutralizes the ammonia or urine smell instantly. It is lightweight, made from a natural and compressed corn formula and is free of silica dust, allowing your family and you to be able to breathe easily! Apart from this, the formula is also environment friendly, is suitable for both sewer and septic systems, and is easily flushable. This makes it a pet, parent, and planet-friendly cat litter.

5. Frisco Multi Cat Fresh Scented Clay Cat Litter

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The Frisco Multi-Cat Fresh Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter is, as the name suggests, friendly to houses with multiple cats and provides an around the clock odor controlling feature, especially with the ammonia smell. It has a low-dust formula with solid clumps that won’t make for a mess while you are scooping out your cat’s waste. Moreover, its texture is dirt like, but soft and suitable for your cat’s tender paws. It has a soft and fresh scent, which is only activated when the cat touches the surface in the litter box, so as not to overwhelm the atmosphere of the room or house.

6. Tidy Cats Instant Action Clay Cat Litter (Scented)

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This product from Tidy Cats, is, like many on this list, made of clumping clay, which allows the litter to stick together when you scoop out the waste. It is designed in a way that the clay absorbs the ammonia, urine, and other fecal smells very quickly with its TidyLock Protection, making it suitable for multiple cats. These have strong clumps that do not fall apart while scooping, and their naturally made ingredients help in keeping the litter free of odor. Furthermore, its formula is 99.9% free of dust, so you and your feline friends will have no problem adjusting to it.

7. Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets Refill

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This is a low maintenance cat litter box control that is most suitable for homes with multiple felines. It has a pellet, which allows the urine to easily pass through it, leaving solid waste behind. This makes for easy and quick scooping. It is designed in such a way that it dehydrates the solid waste, leaving the litter clean and safe to use again. It is also equipped with a Breeze Cat Pad which helps it to remain odor free. This way, your home will stay smelling good. The pellets last up to a month, so you don’t have to worry about frequently visiting shops for more.

There are many cat litter options that you can choose from, but we have broken it down above to the best possible ones. All of these will help to ensure that your house will remain smelling good and fresh despite your cat’s nature calling routine.

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