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7 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Cats can sometimes be unloving and indifferent creatures that rule you around to feed them and take care of them. I’m here to break this bubble by telling you 7 signs your cat loves you that you may have missed before. I agree that cats don’t show their love as openly as some other animals, such as dogs do. However, that doesn’t mean cats are devoid of emotions and affection.

There are various subtle yet telling ways in which cats show love to their owners or any other humans they like. Once you know what signs to look for in your cat’s behavior, you will be happy to know that your cat does care about you. Keep on reading to find out what signs of affection you should look out for.

1. Your cat brushes against your legs and headbutts you

Cats rub against their owner’s legs and headbutt them, leaving their pheromones all over their owner’s body. The scent that your cat leaves on you is their way of marking their territory – your body! It helps your cat identify you as a member of their trusted circle.

As such, now you know better than to prevent your cat from giving you those headbutts. Also, here is a little disclaimer: sometimes your cat may just be hungry and asking for food by rubbing and headbutting you. However, most of the time, headbutts are just a classic expression of love from your so called indifferent feline friend.

2. Your cat brings presents to your house

Does your cat bring you presents that are on your “never wish for it” list? You’re not alone, all cat owners receive presents like toys or dead animals. Unlike humans, cats don’t give you unpleasant gifts out of spite. In fact, this is the way your cat shows you that you are a part of their clan. So why do they bring you these gifts? Here are two theories behind this cat behavior:

One is that your cat brings prey and other things to your house (not to you), because they consider the house a safe place. Thus, your cat brings their catches to your home.

The other theory suggests that your cat considers you as one of their own, so they are treating you like their kittens by bringing to you their hunts.

Either way, you should feel happy that your cat thinks of you as someone close to them and shows appreciation through these gifts.

3. Your cat shows you its belly

A cat showing you its belly means that you have reached the highest step on their trust ladder. When your cat is comfortable with you and trusts you completely, you will get a display of their tummy. This belly display puts you in their trusted members’ clan, giving you permission to rub their belly and play with them.

Don’t take this signal lightly, as not many people are lucky enough to gain this level of trust. When your cat exposes their belly to you, leaving them in a defenseless position, it shows that they love you.

cat licking itself
(Image Credit: ivankmit / Photodune)

4. Your cat purrs and talks to you

Your cat’s purrs are reserved for you only, be it a low one or a loud one. How can I be so sure? Well, research suggests that cats don’t purr at other cats and that these purrs are only for humans. Knowing this, you can feel extra special when your cat purrs for you because that is how they show affection to their owners.

One more exciting sign that shows that your cat considers you as a friend is if they like talking to you. There is a high chance that you will not have a smooth conversation, but your cat’s effort should be enough to make your heart melt.

5. Your cat follows you everywhere

If you find that your cat is following you around more frequently, it simply indicates that they want to spend more time with you. Given that cats only want to be around people that they like, your cat following you is a sure fire sign that they love you.

Don’t forget to return the gesture by hanging out and playing with your cat. Now, if your cat gets a little bit too clingy then what should you do? If it bothers you then you can set some boundaries or bear with it, because let’s be honest, only a few lucky ones get such attention from their cats.

6. Your cat licks you and kneads you

Cats are self sufficient creatures that are fond of grooming themselves. However, the grooming doesn’t end with themselves. They also like to groom the people they love. If you are on your cat’s “good human” list, you will get a few licks too. These licks are a way of your cat showcasing their affection and love towards you.

Sometimes your cat may even give you a kneading on your back or legs. If you do not mind getting a bit of love from your cat, then let them do it all.

7. Your cat gives you eye kisses

A cat’s eyes will either scare you off or show you intimate affection. It depends on which end of the cat’s love spectrum you’re at. If you have managed to win over your cat’s heart, they will show you their love by blinking at you.

Your cat’s blinks, also known as eye kisses, are a subtle yet intimate display of their affection for you. Plus, if there are other cats in the surrounding, these blinks signal that everything is chill with this person (aka you). Now, the next time your cat stares at you and slowly blinks at you a few times, you will know what that means.

Get all that cat love!

You now know all about the 7 signs that your cat loves you more than you thought. So what are you waiting for? Go and get all the love and affection from your feline friend, and break the stereotype that all cats are indifferent to their owners.

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