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5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Having a dog as a friend can sometimes be better than having human friends! Did you know that dogs can detect things like sadness, illness, friends, and foes? All this just to ensure their owners stay safe and protected. More than that, they are super friendly and motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle while adding happiness to your life with their mischievousness.

While owners may shower all their love on their dogs, it is understandable for you to wonder whether they reciprocate the same passion. Of course, dogs have their own way of expressing love, and it can be complicated for some. However, let’s take a look at five ways to figure out if your dog loves you back, or if you need to put in more effort to become their special friend they can trust.

Sleeping in Your Bed

If you find your dog often sleeping in your bed, or you wake up to them sleeping next to you, your dog is really in love with you, especially if it does so even after you do not allow for this. This is because they want to be close to you when you are sleeping, and it shows that they are loyal to you.

Apart from that, when they have been with you for a long time, they consider you as a member of their pack, their team, and they do not want to be separated from you at any point. When you get ready to sleep, they will show you the most affection and will often want to cuddle to express their love to you.

Jumpy Welcomes

Whether you leave the house for 5 minutes or 5 days, as soon as you come back, your dog is going to give you a big welcome by jumping around and wanting all the cuddles and love they can get in the moment. They will often lick your hand and face just to tell how you much they missed you while you were gone. Out of sheer excitement, they might even end up peeing a little.

Dogs want to make sure they get their message across to you and expect the same from you. They are extremely possessive and protective of you and keep ensuring that you love them as much as they love you.

Makes Eye Contact

Just how human to human eye contact is considered as a positive thing, when you look at someone directly in the eyes, you can see if the person is fully invested in what you are talking about and if they are interested. Similarly, dogs perceive eye contact as a sign of love and respect for you. It can be used as a tool when training your dogs. While some dogs may find it aggressive, others stare at their favorite human beings whenever they get the chance.

Leaning Against You

Maintaining eye contact and leaning against someone are things you would only do with people you know and trust. The same happens with your dog, as they lean against you when they know they can trust you. Whether you are sitting on the floor or the couch, your dog will lean against you when it needs to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. This is another one of their ways to express their love for you.

Tail Wagging

The movement of your dog’s tail is a depiction of a wide range of emotions that your dog may be trying to convey to you. A wagging tail does not always display a sign of happiness though. When you spend enough time with your dog, you will understand each movement and the pace of that movement, and what your dog feels at that point. It could be annoyance, happiness, or a simple sign of relaxation.

Dogs are indeed the most lovable creatures on the planet. With their goofy little smiles and mischief that makes your heart melt! There are no dark days when you are a dog owner, as these beautiful animals know their way around your happiness. If you have a dog who shows you all the above signs and more, know that you have been blessed with the most protective and caring little buddy who loves you more than you know. Give them all the love and cuddles because they deserve it!

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