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5 Fun Things to do With Your Dog

Spending time with your furry friends can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Your pets provide you with unconditional love, which you can feel long after they are gone.

Dogs are loving, loyal, amiable, and very sensitive towards their owners. Unlike cats, dogs are very social and cuddle loving. They cherish every bit they get to spend with you, which is usually evident through them wiggling their tails and barking actively and excitedly.

Since they make your life so much happier and exciting, it is only fair that you try to reciprocate them for all the love that they shower you with. And what better way to do this than to spend quality time with your dog and celebrate your friendship with them.

These activities can be as simple and personal as you would like. Like snuggling together in front of the fire, napping together, having eating rituals and more. Or these can be grand celebrations of friendships where you invite other friends and their dogs to have a fun party!

Here is a list of five fun things that you can do with your dog.

1. Take a walk around the park or the beach

Sure, you walk your dog every day to the neighborhood block and back. But take it up a notch and go somewhere you have not taken your dog before. Dogs love beaches! Of course, lots of empty ground for them to run and play in. Or even a new park they have not seen before. Take balls or frisbees or any other items that you may need to play with them.

2. Throw your dog a birthday party

Let us face it, humans love birthdays! A day only about us? How special! Make your dog feel like that too! Throw them a birthday party. Invite all your friends’ or the neighborhood’s dogs (as well as the owners, of course!) and make it a doggy themed party. Keep dog friendly snacks and props, and make the whole day just about the wonderful furry friend you have!

3. Play fetch and other adventures

Dogs love to play! They are very playful and sociable domesticated pets. Their energy, especially when they are excited, is unmatched. While walking your dog every day, take a ball or a frisbee, and play fetch with them. This could become a daily ritual that is meaningful to both of you. Your dog will enjoy this exercise, and it will also be beneficial for its health.

If your dog is especially very active and athletic, take it for a hike or camping in the woods. It will also be very exciting for your dog because of a change in environment. And like all animals, dogs, too, thrive in nature, among the trees and open sky. You could snuggle up with them near the firewood, wrap them in a nice, cozy blanket, put on music, and enjoy.

4. Have a doggy play date

Remember how humans thrive in company? Well, dogs do as well. If your dog is friendly and enjoys socializing with other dogs, arrange doggy play dates. Ask a family member or a friend with a dog to come over and mingle the two.

If you do not already know someone with a fellow pooch or a puppy, you can try searching for one in doggy daycares or dog parks. And while you are at it, make sure that both of the dogs are playful with each other and that there are no fights that you have to mediate. And if you have to, be alert the whole time.

5. Make your dog a social media star

This is probably the most fun thing you can do, which would also be encompassing. It may even create avenues to do more fun things. Setting up your dog’s social media account!

People on the web love animals in general, especially dogs. They could look at photos and videos of these beautiful animals all day. Some dog social media accounts even have millions of followers.

You can curate the account however you like. A day in the life of your dog, some exciting adventures, some colorful and vibrant dog fashion, anything! Take funny and stylish pictures of your dog. You can even make a dog traveling account where you document the adventurous things you and your friend do together.

Apart from these activities, there are lots more that you can do, which does not require heavy effort. For example, treating your dog once in a while with a heavy and delicious meal, or taking them to a dog friendly restaurant, exercising with them, or training them. You can make each moment with your furry friend memorable and fun!

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