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4 Signs of Boredom in Dogs

If you own a dog, then you will know that dogs like to spend their days running around, and that they also enjoy spending quality time with their owners. Because after all, your dog is your best friend.

Signs if your dog is bored or not are clear for long time owners. It can be tricky for new owners to find out if their dog is bored or not. As an owner, you can check for irregularities in your dog’s behavior to see if it is bored. Animals have a strange tendency to get bored if their owners don’t engage with them. They experience boredom due to a lack of interactions such as physical exercises and normal playing with owners. They often express this boredom through various activities, which we will discuss below.

The Satisfied Dog

Dogs have needs. Especially dogs that are new to their surroundings and have new owners. A dog is a living creature and just like other animals, it has emotional and physical needs that must be fulfilled. Otherwise, it could fall victim to mental health issues, which we commonly find in bored dogs. Dogs might get bored if we force them to follow the same daily routine for long periods without any exciting activities. This does not necessarily refer to a dog being bored. Some dogs just enjoy the quiet life and may actually lash out against their owners if they make any attempt to disturb their peace.

As mentioned above, dogs require attention. A satisfied dog will usually not nag you all the time. It will go about its day and perform its daily routine with some additional interactions with you or other animals. It will not exhibit the most common sign of boredom in dogs that is chewing.

Signs of Boredom

There are multiple signs through which you can check if your dog is bored or not. Any behavior which is out of the ordinary might indicate boredom. We will briefly talk about 4 common signs of boredom in dogs below.

  • Destructive behavior
  • Over reactions
  • Eating disorder
  • Physical expressions

These 4 signs can be further explained in detail. The above mentioned signs are the most common behavioral changes your dog might experience when it is bored.

1. Destructive Behavior

Chewing – If your dog is bored, it will not follow its routine and might start a habit of chewing random items from your living space, such as socks, tissues, fabric pieces etc. This habit often shows that your dog is bored and that it will put anything in its mount just to relieve some of its boredom.

Barking – Your dog doesn’t always like to bark. It barks only on certain occasions, such as when intruders are attempting to break in or at other animals. To release all the energy it has stored, your dog will randomly do things like barking.

Digging – Another way to tell if your dog is bored is to check its outdoor behavior. If your dog consistently digs in your backyard or the dog park then it is bored. It is using its pent up energy to ease its boredom.

2. Over Reactions

If you return home after leaving for only a short while, and your dog greets you with excitement, then your dog might possibly be bored. It gets overjoyed at your sight, thinking that you are about to take it outside for some physical activity.

3. Eating Disorder

Your dog may express its boredom by changing its eating routine. It may start eating more food since it has nothing else to do. This might increase your dog’s weight. It may also eat less food every day, which is also undesirable. If your dog is unhealthy from either perspective, then it could have a series of medical issues in the future.

4. Physical Expressions

Your dog might express its frustration with being bored by panting. Now, if you are a new owner, you might think that this panting is normal. When your dog is bored it can resort to panting continuously, which might become a habit, and can become annoying.


Most dogs have desires that need to be fulfilled. You should set up your daily activities so that your dog does not stay accustomed to the same routine. Invariance, in its daily routine, will ensure it does not get bored easily. Making your dog happy and at peace is one of the most fulfilling actions you can take from this relationship.

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