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4 Fun Things to do With Your Cat

We love our cats and our cats love us, but sometimes it’s possible that they can get bored. It is just something that happens in almost all of our relationships. If this is happening and you cannot think of any fun activities which you can do with your cat, then this article is for you.

Cats are known to be one of the most high maintenance pets, and yes, they really are! They need to be entertained on many occasions. They are creatures that want to explore their surroundings, and if you do not entertain them as they wish, cats will often invent their own entertainment, which can become a messy business at times.

Besides this, as cats usually live indoors, they need to be well exercised because in many situations they rarely get a chance to run freely outdoors.

So what are some fun things that you can do with your cat?

1) Playing with Lasers

Lasers are one of the best interactive toys for cats and are guaranteed fun for both outdoors and indoors. Your cat will love playing around with the laser and you’ll also experience a dopamine boost when you watch your cat turn, twist and run around when it tries to catch the ‘prey’. Always be careful when playing with lasers with your cats and never shine the lasers in their eyes.

Many online stores and retail outlets offer amazing lasers, specially designed for pets. When looking online, you will easily find many lasers that are sleek in design and compact. Laser lights come in different colors and some work with batteries while others are chargeable, so you can choose which one to buy according to your convenience.

2) Playing with Catnip Bubbles

Have you heard of these before? Even if you haven’t, doesn’t it sound like an exciting concept?

Catnip bubbles are really exciting and awesome. Cats get naturally attracted to play with catnip bubbles, and these are in high demand as far as the pet toys market is concerned. If you and your pet are feeling bored, blowing catnip bubbles can actually make the day exciting for you and your cat. It’s a fun activity like none other.

To excite your cat and to bring them back to a playful mood, catnip bubbles should definitely be your go to pet toy. They are very affordable and widely available both on the internet and in the retail market. Catnips are a low cost yet highly entertaining activity for your cat. You should always keep one bottle of catnips in a cupboard because cats are, after all, moody creatures and you might need catnips at any given time to entertain your cat.

3) Puzzles with Cat Food

Although cats love to have physical activities simultaneously, they are also fond of excitement gained from mental challenges, and what else could be better if these challenges are accompanied by tasty treats. Food puzzles can often provide both mental stimulation and physical exercise for your cats. To keep your cats happy and engaged, it’s necessary to keep their minds sharp and focused, and there are few better ways of achieving this goal other than with food puzzles.

This activity is also a budget friendly one, and can also be a purely DIY activity, as you can arrange everything needed for this from your home. There are a lot of tutorials available online on how to make and play with cat food puzzles with your cat.

4) Take Your Cat for a Walk

Taking your cat for a walk can be refreshing and provide your cat with exercise at the same time. Like dogs, we can also walk cats on a leash.

Some people might think of this idea as potentially dangerous, but in reality, taking your cat on a walk every now and then could make them happy, especially if they are usually kept indoors 24/7.

Taking your cats for a walk is a great way to make them explore their outdoor surroundings, and this in turn can often keep them happy and excited.

Happy Cat, Happy You

It’s no secret that when your cat is happy, you are happy. Our pets are like our kids after all, and in most cases keeping them happy and entertained is our responsibility. With these activities not only are we entertaining them but also making ourselves feel satisfied as well.

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